The Power of Four

End to end benefits program design, implementation and administration.

Life, Health, Disability, and Employee Benefits for Small and Mid-sized Businesses.

Employers are under increasing pressure to reign in costs while maintaining quality benefits programs to attract and retain the best people. Run-away healthcare costs have left many employers making painful tradeoffs between coverage and price. Employees struggle to afford the premium and out of pocket costs associated with insurance coverage for themselves and their families.

To compound the problem, dealing with the mandates, rule changes, and compliance issues related to health care reform leaves most people exhausted, angry, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Our sweet spot is employers with 20 employees and up. We deliver lower benefits costs, creative solutions to unique problems and personal service from real Texans, right here in Central Texas. Our team of industry insiders draws on expertise from the medical, wellness and insurance fields, giving us a unique ability to solve problems and create solutions for clients. We are true experts in structuring, administering and optimizing benefits programs. 

More than selling insurance. TeamCuatro is a dedicated team of industry experts who provide trusted advisory services for our clients. 

It’s the way we work that makes us different. We are insiders in the benefits game and we know how the systems work. The quality of your benefits programs can make or break a recruiting effort in today’s super competitive market. That doesn’t mean it has to cost more. Our people technology, and unique approach transforms challenges into opportunities. 

We solve tough problems for clients who need a responsive, personal service from people who genuinely care. That’s TeamCuatro. How can we help you? 

Executive Benefits

Team Cuatro focuses on helping employers implement and manage employee benefits programs to maximize the value perceived by employees and minimize the friction experienced by the employer.

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Independent Benefits Optimization Analysis