Meet Team Cuatro

Our purpose is to holistically educate, support, and empower our clients to utilize employee benefits to recruit, retain, and thrive as an organization. Of the values we uphold, integrity, work-life balance, and leadership within our industry are of the highest priority.

“...the level of knowledge is amazing. Our situation was complex and Cuatro's team was up to speed very quickly."

— P.M. Clarity Marketing Support, Inc.

Meet Team Cuatro

Cuatro and his team have been serving businesses as a highly valued advisor since 2001. He specializes in helping clients structure, administer and optimize benefits programs. Cuatro speaks frequently to civic and business groups on the topics of health insurance and employee benefits trends.

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Cuatro Groos is a nationally known expert on healthcare and healthcare policy. Cuatro was born Ernest Groos IV, from day one, the nickname "Cuatro" stuck. Originally from San Antonio, he has lived in Austin for nearly 25 years. He holds undergraduate degrees as well as an MBA and Master of Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a Certified Insurance Counselor.
Gala's superpower is being attentive and responsive to the needs of others. Her passion is providing prompt and tranquil resolutions to complex issues. With over 18 years of experience, her favorite engagement is client relations and helping mitigate risk by providing expert guidance and resources which allow clients the bandwidth to focus on the growth of their business.
Clear, swift communication is Kayla’s super power. Her passion is empowering both employers and their employees to not only understand the benefits offered to them, but to feel confident in the value they bring to their organization and lives.