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Our proprietary approach, objectivity and deep bench of specialized knowledge reduce cost, risk while increasing employee satisfaction.
Our team consists of medical, insurance, wellness and healthcare industry insiders who understand how to leverage the system.
Ask about 4Sight™ our comprehensive review of your current programs.

We recommend all employers do a comprehensive review of benefits programs to keep key personnel.

Ask about 4Sight™. We’ll dig into your current programs and processes and show you how to make them better. With up-to-the-minute information we can help you adapt during and after the crisis. There are many things you can do to preserve cash and keep valuable employees. Let us help.

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Emergency Information Overload?

You are not alone. We are dedicated to keeping you at the cutting edge of what’s happening in healthcare and insurance policy at the national and local level. The landscape is constantly shifting. We’ll do the homework for you by bringing breaking news and analysis you can trust. Read More

Need help applying for Federal Benefits and programs?

We are working 24/7 to understand and assist with securing financial crisis aid to help with payroll and other operating expenses. Our team is on the cutting-edge of what is happening and how to apply.
Contact Team Cuatro. We can help.

Benefits Optimization for employers

It's all in the

Power of Four

Our knowledgeable team includes Registered Nurses, former insurance company experts, healthcare, compliance analysts and Certified Wellness consultants who know the business from the inside out. Our four guiding principles are to transform our clients’ benefits challenges from:

Our clients

We work with small and growing, Texas-based companies with twenty employees and up who struggle to provide competitive benefits to attract and retain talent.

CuatroBenefits™ helps employers and employees get the most value from their programs. Unlike other firms, we combine proprietary technology and a team of industry insiders who know how to navigate today’s complex benefits market.

We are focused on finding and correcting waste, delivering better benefits for lower costs with high touch, personal service.

Meet Team Cuatro

Cuatro has been serving businesses and entrepreneurs as an insurance advisor since 2001. Backed by an all-star line up of insurance, medical and benefits insiders who know how these systems work and how to get the most from your benefits programs. 

“Cuatro’s team consistently goes beyond the call of duty to support our people. I can’t recommend them enough.”

— E.W. Entermedia