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CuatroBenefits, LLC team of specialized experts are committed to researching and providing a complete benefits package

 that meets the specific needs for each client.


We focus on 4 key areas:

National & International Workforce

Cost Control

Benefits & HR Technology

Compliance & Regulatory

Worried you are paying too much for employee benefits?

You probably are. We consistently find savings for our clients while improving the impact and quality of benefits programs. We’ll dig into your current programs and processes and show you how to make them better.

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Baffled by the current state of healthcare insurance?

You are not alone. We are dedicated to keeping you at the cutting edge of what’s happening in healthcare and insurance policy at the national and local level. The landscape is constantly shifting. We do the homework for you and keep you up to speed on what employers need to know.

Difficulty attracting and
retaining talent?

Are your benefits really perceived as benefits by your employees and potential recruits? Now more than ever, benefits programs need to deliver strong value to be competitive in the market for the best people. Let us help you optimize the value of your benefits programs.

Our clients

We work with small and growing companies who struggle to provide competitive benefits to attract and retain talent.

CuatroBenefits™ helps employers and employees get the most value from their programs. We combine proprietary technology and a team of industry insiders who know how to navigate today’s complex benefits market.

We are focused on creative solutions to deliver better value for our clients, their employees, and their families.

Meet Team Cuatro

CuatroBenefits has been serving businesses and entrepreneurs as a trusted insurance advisor since 2001. 

“Cuatro’s team consistently goes beyond the call of duty to support our people. I can’t recommend them enough.”

— E.W. Entermedia
Years in business

CuatroBenefits has been serving Central Texas for almost two decades. Our team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry with zero turnover.


Clients served

We manage the benefits for thousands of employees and hundreds of clients. With access to billions of records, our ability to predict and reduce cost is unparalleled in the industry.

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Money saved for our clients

Our proprietary offering for employers with 21 or more employees can save up to 30% on healthcare costs while improving benefits, streamlining administration and allowing unprecedented insight.