We'll find cost savings while improving the value of your benefits programs.

Independent Benefits Optimization Analysis

  • Are you worried you are paying too much for employee benefits?
  • Are you frustrated that you are paying for benefits that aren’t valuable to employees?
  • Are you concerned that you might not be competitive with regard to your benefits offerings?

CuatroBenefits can help you find expensive inefficiencies, control costs and actually improve benefits. 4Sight is an objective review of your benefits programs where our team of medical, insurance and benefits experts disassemble your programming to find ways to reduce costs and improve the desirability of your employee benefits programs.

We dig deep using proprietary databases and software to identify waste and inefficiencies while bringing new ideas and approaches based on decades of experience in the benefits field. We have developed sophisticated systems to access billions of healthcare records to find waste and eliminate redundancy while ensuring you are not overpaying for benefits you don’t need.

Do your employees see the value in your benefits programs?

Sometimes what is on paper doesn’t match what employees really value. Our team of experts will review your current programming and deliver a written report that shows you where you can adjust programming to create efficiencies while helping you retain and attract key employees. We also look for opportunities for owners that often are overlooked by typical brokers. 

How Does it Work?

CuatroBenefits charges a flat fee for our analysis. This ensures total objectivity on our part. We don’t do the usual “song and dance” like most benefits firms who just reach out into the market and get quotes. We tell it like it is and give you specific recommendations – whether you work with us or not.

What Does it Cost?

4Sight is just $2,500. If you decide to work with us, we’ll credit you for this modest fee. If you decide to stay with your broker, you’ll have concrete recommendations to improve your programming.

The first step is simply reaching out. We’ll jump on a quick call and you can decide if 4Sight is right for you.