The Big Grift: How the Insurance Giants Manipulate the System and How Employers can Win

We produced this webinar to show you how we can bring the benefits of self-funding to smaller employers. If you thought self-funding was just for large companies, think again. We have figured out how to help business owners and their employees experience control, transparency and lower costs when buying and using health Insurance. In today’s health insurance marketplace, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients and work collaboratively to create a solution that puts the buyer’s needs first.

If you’re going to make the best decisions for your business, you need to know where your money is going. The current state of the healthcare and insurance system keeps you in the dark. How can you make the necessary changes without being able to see where the money is going, what things cost and how the system works? We give our members access to the information, data, and insights they need to make decisions that not only make sense, but are backed up by hard data. With billions of records in our proprietary system, we give you unprecedented insight into your programs, letting you choose options you probably didn’t know existed.

Are you:

  • Tired of ever increasing healthcare costs?
  • Frustrated by lack of control over care and cost?
  • Tired of the song and dance offered by your broker?

In many health insurance programs, employers often do not have access to the data that shows them the specific areas, in which their health care dollars are being spent. Knowing the specifics of where the money is being spent, and why, is key to identifying and implementing solutions to drive down the overall cost of employee benefits, while continuing to provide quality and engaging benefits to plan members.

Our unique approach harnesses the power of thousands of employers into a single source negotiation that results in the same purchasing advantages experienced by large employers. The broad goal of this initiative is to take back control from the carrier for pricing, design, renewal, and other financial parameters of your health insurance program. You can learn more by watching the video above.

Lower Costs

The cost of insurance is ultimately the amount of money taken out of the system by way of fees, taxes, overhead, and profits. The very first thing we talk about is not price, but expense levels, volume discounts, and minimum loss ratios. In the long run, low expense levels and minimum loss ratios will compete very favorably with insurance company profit margins and lead to lower stop loss insurance costs. In The Big Grift Webinar above, we break down these topics to make it easy to understand.

Predictable Renewals

Predictable renewals result from sound management strategies and appropriate stop loss protection. We communicate your goals to the carrier and work with them to achieve these goals while inviting them to work with us to improve quality and lower costs. For most clients, the primary goal is cost reduction. However, making the process more predictable is a crucial part of the strategy.

Easy for Employers and Employees

We take out the complexity by providing unlimited access to our team of insurance, wellness, medical and healthcare experts, coupled with a robust software platform that shows you exactly what costs are and helps deliver transparency into the process. From the employer and employee’s standpoint, nothing changes except the costs are lower and the quality of care is improved. Our team takes on the system for you and gives you the tools you need to run your business.

Reach out to TeamCuatro to see if this revolutionary approach to health benefits will work for you.